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An invitation to attend Paper Journeys

Above:  Hugh Makin and Selby Ginn "Impermanence in Wax"

An invitation to attend:
Paper Journeys:
Scrolls and Prayer Flags by Contemporary Artists from the East and West

Curator: Amie Oliver
Moving Cultures Project Director :
Dr. Irene Barberis

May 1 - June 30, 2010

West Creek Town Center, Second Floor Gallery, 
Capital One, Richmond, VA

"Paper Journey's" reflects the assimilation of time, experience and intercultural dialogue of two groups of contemporary artists who traveled to Tibet during July of 2009. Their participation in Moving Cultures: Intercultural Dialogues was made possible through Metasenta Projects, Metasenta Pty. Ltd. at RMIT University and University of the Arts, London with the support of founding benefactor The Po and Helen Chung Foundation.

Metasenta Founder and Director Dr Irene Barberis of the Western Team and Professor Isadora Jiang of the Eastern Team designed "Moving Cultures" to be a multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary research and exhibition collective of people, place and processes situated in the ‘civic space’ of a moving train.

The project was devised through equal academic and organizational input from the Australian and Chinese contingent and was undertaken by invited researchers. This group included interdisciplinary artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, poets, writers, linguists, and philosophers from China, Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

"Moving Cultures" raises critical questions about the desire for a Utopian future and the effect of globalizing processes. It also addresses the problematics of critiquing cultural processes while also being implicated by them via the very practices involved. The artwork and collaborative research that resulted from "Moving Cultures" was exhibited in Lhasa, Tibet and at the Orange Gallery in Guangzhou, China during July, 2009.

"Paper Journeys" presents an opportunity for each Moving Cultures Artist to respond to their time in Tibet as individuals, versus as a team. Much of the creative work made In China was inspired by our interactive teamwork and resulted in work that is collaborative in nature. This presentation reflects the passage of time and each artists' access to their studio practice.  As we assimilate the profound implications and possibilities of a "Moving Culture" we embrace our role as a community of artists on the planet.

Exhibiting Artists:
Hetty Baiz, Princeton, NJ
Irene Barberis, Melbourne, Australia
Melissa Chimera, Hawaii
Sarah Dyshart, Melbourne, Australia
Selby Ginn, Melbourne Australia
Matt Green, Belfast, Ireland
(Helen) Jia Liang, Guangzhou, China
Liu Ke, Guangzhou, China
Andre Liew, Melbourne, Australia
Luo Ling, Guangzhou, China
Hugh Makin, Melbourne, Australia
Amie Oliver, Richmond, VA
Feung Li Poi, Guangzhou, China

 above: Andre Liew, "Lhasa with Love"

"Paper Journeys" Inventory List
Hetty Baiz
1. "Translations", 30" x 20", mixed media on handmade Tibetan paper, 2010
2. "Pilgrimage", 30" x 20", mixed media on handmade Tibetan paper, 2010
3. "Liberation", 54" x 27", mixed media on handmade Tibetan paper, 2010
Irene Barberis
1. "Tibet Cross: Poetries of Dreamings #3," flourescent pink perforated pvc, trace/photoprint, 2010
2. "Tibet: Self Portrait: Traced Wanderings," opalescent pvc, tissue, thread, machine punctures,
      trace/photoprint 2010
Sarah Duyshart
1. "Displacement," white transparent cotton thread, horse hair, Tibetan bells, 150 x 60 cm 2010
Melissa Chimera
1. "Reconstruction" Size: 16.5" x 46.5" Media: Paper collage 2009-10
Matt Green and Sarah Dyshart
1. "Tibetan Bells," sound installation 2009
Jia Liang (Helen)
1. "Untitled," DVD media, 2009
Lui Ke
1. "Untitled I," ink on handmade paper, 18" x 24" 2009
2. "Untitled II," ink on handmade paper, 18" x 24" 2009
3, "Untitled III," ink on handmade paper, 18" x 24" 2009
Andre Liew
1. "Lhasa with Love," kanekalon, Khata (tibetan offering scarf), asphalt, hair and mixed media, 2010
Luo Ling
1." Potala Palace," Linen oil Painting 30" x 46" 2009
Hugh Makin and Selby Ginn
1. "Impermanence in wax," pianolla scroll, parafin wax, gold leaf,  2010
Amie Oliver
1. "Days of Dharma," 10" x 30" x 10" mixed media
2. "Divine Diagram," 20" x 20" acrylic, flashe and paper on birch panel
3. "Wheel of Life," 20" x 20" acrylic, flashe and paper on birch panel
Feung Li Poi
1. "China Travel Services 1," Oil on Canvas 35" x 29" 2010
2. "China Travel Services 2," Oil on Canvas 35" x 29" 2010
3. "China Travel Services 3," Oil on Canvas 35" x 29" 2010

Below: Hetty Baiz  "Liberation"

access to Matt Green and Sarah Duyshart's sound file which will be broadcast during the exhibition is available here

a slide show of documenting the  
Paper Journeys installation will be posted here 
after May 1

       Lui Ke "untitled" "detail" ink on handmade paper

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