Saturday, June 20, 2009


Following cultural etiquette needs to be paid attention while traveling in
* Do not take photograph the cultural sites without permission
* Always circumambulate Gompas and other religious sites clockwise, thus keeping shrines and chortens to your right.
* Do not touch or remove anything on an altar.
* Do not take photographs during a prayer meeting. At other times always ask permission to take photograph, especially one using flash.The larger monasteries charge photography fees.
* Do not wear
shorts or short skirts in a monastery.
* Take your hat off when you go into a chapel.
* Do not smoke in a monastery.
* Do not eat dog, donkey and horse meat in Tibet.

* Be aware that Tibetans often gesture with their lips to show a direction, so if a member of the opposite sex points at you they are just showing you the direction where to go.

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